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I am 17 years old and i am unable to retract my foreskin AT all even when erect it does not show even a bit of the head and if i try to manually pull back it does not even get remotely over the head before it starts to hurt.

The foreskin is roughly 1cm over the head and about 0.5cm when Erect could this simply be a case of to much foreskin and is there any other option than getting the loose foreskin taken off?


Hi hon: I'm a bit confused. You say that you can't retract your foreskin at all, but then say you think you have too much foreskin.

So 1st things 1st, do you pull the foreskin back daily and able too wash the area? If so - you are OK!

IF there is too much skin to even pull back too wash, they you are probably a good candidate for a circumcision. Just let me know which one it is OK? Too much foreskin has been reported in Korean men - BUT that is debatable as most Korean doctors believe in circumcision. So it is questionable.