So I am in a big mess. I have been waiting 5 months to leave for Air Force boot camp. Then it all started. About a month ago i got tonsillitis which i normally get atleast once a year. So i went to the doctor, they gave me antibiotics for 10 days and on the third day i felt perfect again, and went back to my normal schedule. Then 2 days after finishing antibiotics it came back again. So same thing again but they gave me stronger antibiotics. Then once again 2 days after finishing them it came AGAIN. I am now on the fifth day of antibiotics, and yes i feel good, but my tonsils are still very swollen, although i feel fine.

The doctor suggested a tonsillectomy but the problem is i leave for boot camp Dec. 2nd. I should be able to get the surgery done in a couple days. Which would lead to only about 16 days of recovery time.

So any feedback on what i could expect the recovery time to be for a 19 year old pain with pretty decent pain tolerance, my tonsils are still swollen and i read that increases recovery time. Just any help or advice i would appreciate alot.