Hi I'm 17 years old and two days ago my tonsils started hurting I wanted to check here before going to the doctor to see what it might be because I don't think it's tonsilitis because with tonsilitis there are supposed to be other symptoms and the fact that my throat doesn't hurt but only my tonsils do is really... odd. It wasn't so bad two days ago when it appeared i thought i just may have strained my voice, but then it got worse and now it's even worse, I don't know what brought it on maybe some bad candy from halloween or maybe my singing in my chior, I really have no idea! Everyone has told me not to worry but i can't stop. Also I was diagnosed with hyperactive thyroidism which is now underactive (only telling this because it's in the throat area) I don't know if that would be related to anything but I thought it would be good to mention. The only symptoms other than the tonsil pain is a stuffy nose and some fatigue. I don't know what it could be. I know i'm a bit paranoid but I'm a worrie so if anyone has any ideas that would really bring some piece of mind to me. Thank you so much!