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hi everyone

i'm a first time poster on here so go easy on me please! i'm going to try my best to explain everything as well as i can.

last night my throat started getting sore and swollen on one side. i woke up with a very bad sore throat with white bumps on both tonsils. i have no other symptoms other than being very tired. (however, this could be because i stay up until 2am and wake up at 7am). I went to the doctors and the strep test was negative. he said that he thinks that i might have a small case of mono. however, this is extremely dangerous for me because i have a kidney/liver condition so i just contacted my specialists to see what the next step should be if i do have mono.

a little more background... i had the same kind of sore throat about a month ago, however i was very sick as well. it was diagnosed as a sinus infection and it took 2 different antibiotics to make me better. i was extremely congested during that time so they ruled out strep and i was never tested for it. however, when i first started getting that, i had 2 days of the same kind of sore throat that i have now before i got really sick. unfortunately, i do not recall as to whether i had white bumps on my tonsils at the time.

one thing that i am worried about is that a few months ago i broke up with my boyfriend because i found out that he was being unfaithful. i am very concerned that i could have an std from his actions. if that is true. would that cause this? and how would i go about getting tested for that? but please, do not focus on just this portion of my post as an easy way out/diagnosis.

the doctor did not prescribe me any antibiotics or medication because he did think that it was mono so i feel like i'm back to square one.

any help would be very greatly appreciated. thank you so much everyone!

just for reference i am a 19 year old female.


Hi I don't know what you have but your symptoms are just like mine. This is the fourth time I have had it this year. I have been tested for strep and mono all four times and they all came back negative. My doctor said to gargle with salt to help. He thinks I have bad tonsils and I am scheduled to see a ear nose and throat doctor next week. You might want to look into seeing one yourself. I don't think you have an std but you may want to be checked anyway your doctor can give you any test you would want to take. Don't pick at the spots my doctor told me that it could cause bleeding and that could lead to an infection and tr to get plenty of rest and drink lots of water. I hope this helped some :-) oh and a little background about me... I'm 25 and this is the first time I have ever had throat problems. I am a usually healthy person with the exception of this year.


if anyone has the answer to her question im greatly in need as well!!! i have had the exact same thing happen to me. had a sinus infection, total congestion, super sick a few weeks ago. now both my tonsils are swollen with white bumps but no other symptoms except tiredness. ive had mono really bad once before and im hoping this is not a reccurance but pretty much im the identical case to what the original poster described.