Hello I’m 26 weeks pregnant now to a baby boy. I was taking oxyconde for years for bad back problems. I was being prescribed the by my primary doctor for almost 4 years. I tried to stop taking them several times since I found out I was pregnant and the horrible withdrawals always made me end up resorting back to taking them. I finally found a place on the internet where I walked in and told them about what I was going thru and asked for help. They prescribed me subutex. I have been in this for almost 2 weeks now. My Obgyn is not helping me at all thru thisbans diesnt seem to care she basically told me to find another doctor. Since I started taking the subutex i lost my appetite completely. I don’t even eat 1 full meal a day and when I try to force myself I only end up throwing up. I’m really scared. I know I need to eat to have a healthy baby and that’s all I want. I don’t know where to turn at this point and I’m really scared. My husband has walked out on me also and I have no one to talk to at all or for any advice. I’m going thru the worse time of my life and now the fear of being in this medication when I give birth and possibly having my son taken away from me or having withdrawal is killing me. I don’t even sleep anymore all I do is lay in bed and cry. Can anyone please give me some good advice please I dnt wanna loose my baby and I feel like all of this is my fault