hey im 23 yrs old and alittle confussed .. im unable to go to docs until they open up after the chrissy break . last time i saw my period was two months ago . i have ruled out pregnancy as i have had 3 hpt and all came up negative. im not sure what is going on with me but two weeks after my first late period i started spotting but only enough to wipe on paper hardly anything on pad..this went on for two to three days and then it stopped . so far ive had breast tenderness , sickness, extreme fatigue , really bad tiredness , lower back ache , hunger issues i feel so hungrey all the time , ive put on afew pounds round my belly i pee alot and ive discovered this week along with larger priminent nipples , light white spots on the tips of my nipples also. ive been alittle moody and have had headaches and really bad joint and muscle pain through my body . other than this i am ok . im not really to stressed as i do yoga and meditation almost everyday and i feel good about myself other then this rapid gain in my lower abdo.. i am not sure what it could be i am always regular , never missed a period ever and i am sexually active with my fiance and im healthy .. any advice would be great .. thanks