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Has anyone had a 2nd parathyroid surgery? What were the results? Any good surgeons in Seattle?

I had one parathyroid removed in 1986. Felt better. Now lab results indicate new parathyroid problems. Calcium is in high normal range. Doctor had me take 50,000 vitamin D once a week for 2 months. New lab showed some improvement. Now taking 1,000 vitamin D daily. Also, on Armour thyroid. I feel a lack of strength and much older that real age.


Age 55


I know this probly doesn't answer your question,but i live in tacoma wash.I was told last week that I have to have a second parathyroid surgery and i am not happy about it.I would like to know someone who has had a second one.let me know if you find someone and i too will let you love to chat more if you'd like to,you can reach me at _[removed]_
my name is vicki