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i'm 21... 5'4 and weigh 230 lbs. My legs are solid muscle because I played softball (catcher) for 10 yrs and rode horses but my stomach thighs and arms are flabby. I don't have time to exercise because i work 2 jobs. And I don't eat terrible now, but it seems everything I put in my mouth sticks to me! Please help!


Working two jobs is stressful enough. And I understand that you don’t have time to exercise but even if you start with some type of diet you need to exercise because you will have effect of lose skin and that doesn’t look pretty.


There are various types of physical activity you can try. For example you can walk on your way to work. If you think that this is not going to be very helpful you are wrong. At first it will be difficult but you will get used to it. And the more you walk the faster you will be and you will have more energy to do both jobs.


And if you don’t mind why are you doing two jobs?


And you need to adjust your diet. If you have feeling that certain types of foods are making you bloated you are probably right so avoid it. Just listen to your body and you will notice positive changes.