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Hi everyone,

Currently, I am following 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 diet program. I need to admit, I needed some time to learn some things about it, but I must say that this one is going so good so far. It’s been a month since I am on this diet program and I am really happy about it.

But, I have one defect –I don’t exercise at all, and I know that I should. I just can’t stand gym and a lot of sweaty people who are looking themselves in the mirror. It is annoying!

One friend told me that I need to exercise, and he told me that cardio is “must do” if I follow this diet program.

Is it true?

I would appreciate every single answer.

Thank you! 


Hi there,

The cardiovascular exercise program is the best thing that exercising programs can offer us at this moment. Cardio exercise is not must do, but is disagreeable as well.

So, the biggest mistake is to be inactive as well, you need to work out to see some progress. Diet programs are ok, but without working out you will not see the results you wish.

So, my advice is, you should first start to walk in the forest, or somewhere where the air is clean. After a while, you should start with cardio. It is extremely good exercise for everyone.

Good luck! 



Good day girls,

Well, I would like to recommend you to do cardio as well, because those exercises still are the best at this planet. I don’t love that much to do cardio, because it is hard for me, but I have to say admit that I feel just great after. I don’t see why you avoid cardio, it is not that hard :)

So, do it, it is not like you must to do it if you are follow 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 diet, but it is desirable :)

I hope that you really can find our answers helpful.

Good luck with cardio and diet!