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Hi, it's 8 weeks after I had a McBride bunionectomy/base wedge osteotomy on my right foot. I'm still in the surgical shoe and scared it's going to be much longer than expected. My ankle is always swollen by mid-day and now this week my big toe is sore again. And although the bunion is gone, my big toe seems to be leaning toward the right again - I'm worried! Is this normal?? Right after surgery it looked so straight.

I'm freaking out that something's wrong with it - it always helps to know if anyone else has gone/is going through this.


I haven't gone thru it, but I wonder if you've gotten a second opinion after your surgery to see if someone else in the profession has the same observations as you. You are seeing your current surgeon's results. Try second opinion from a respected surgeon in this are. Also, don't let the swelling go untreated if it is not normal for this time in your recovery period. It could cause future problems. Please let us know what you find out and how you are doing.