i can't believe that i am saying this but..i think i have a bunion.

i am not sure but..the location seems to be the telltale sign..i suppose.

i am only 22 and i had assumed it was a corn..or something. my mother always warned me not to wear painful shoes or a corn might develop. i really don't understand why this has happened because i do not put pressure on my toes, i usually wear my favourite pair of mary janes (flat, no heel) and i have seen this small bump starting since i've been wearing these shoes. the shoes have never been painful which is why i like them so much and wear them almost everyday (the wear has made them become pretty wide). the bump is not painful but i am afraid it will get worse which is why i think i should act now. the bad thing is that i have been unemployed for awhile and i don't have insurance right now (not sure if insurance would cover this) so i don't think i should have surgery done right when i find a new job.

one other thing is that i tend to walk a lot (maybe a mile or two a day) and i'm worried that this will worsen the bump. i know that people might say that if it is not causing pain i should not have it removed, but i strongly believe in nipping things in the bud, and prevention..

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thank you.