I've noticed I've had this like sore in my throat since Saturday. It hurts really bad on the left side of my throat, it could be the gland but I'm not too sure. It hurts to eat or drink. Especially if I drink something acidic like orange juice, the minute the orange juice went down my throat it hurt like crazy. I can only drink dairy stuff like soy milk or milk. When i move my tongue I can feel the sore and it hurts when I do it so I try not to. It sucks cause it makes eating difficult and drinking difficult. I'm not a smoker, so I don't think throat cancer could be it. I'm sixteen, and I show no other signs of any symptoms. My mom says it's a pimple in my throat but i kinda doubt that since I don't think pores reside in the throat region. So can anyone help? It would be greatly appreciated!