I have tonsillitis. I've had it for 2 months now, 4 times. I went on antibiotics each time but it came back after 2-3 days after taking each round of pills for 10 days. I've seen 7 doctors, went to emerg 3 times because it got so bad I couldn't talk, my ear ached, feeling of knives down MY throat when I'd swallow, and I've missed 3 weeks of work and tons of university because of it. My breath smells horrible even after brushing my teeth, I have huge lumps on the back of my tongue and a white bump on my tonsil that I think is a tonsil stone but the specialist said otherwise. It only hurts on the right side, and the doctor said it's not an abscess. When it gets bad my tongue swells up to the point you can't see my tonsils. The ENT specialist put me on a 10 month waiting list to get them removed. I can't wait that long, I don't know what to do.