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my mom had a child when she was 17 and she (my sister) turned out perfectly fine, and shes a straight A student. Then my mom got pregnant again and had an abortion, then some time later got pregnant again, and then she had me when she was 25. And im the only child who has severe depression/anxiety, and i cant concentrain on anything, im always in my room alone. and no matter how hard i try i cant get anything higher than a C+. I ask all of my teachers for help on basically everything. I just cant do it. After me, my mom had another child when she was like 29 and he turned out just like my sister. Straight A. perfect kid. Why arent i like them? could it have something to do with her abortion and miscaridge?


Listen babes,

NO ONE is perfect. Do you honestly believe your two siblings are anxiety-free? Or problem-free? Everyone has issues.

Remember, grades aren't everything. You are definitely struggling, but the fact that you are questioning your situation is a GOOD SIGN. You came to this forum and asked for help. You are in better shape than you think.

I often find myself in a situation where I fail an exam (I'm in university), or hand in assignments late (sometimes VERY late).

What I also do is make the best of a bad situation. If you're getting a C+, try shooting for B- as a goal. Be realistic. Take small steps. 1000 tiny steps will take you to the top of any building....

Wishing you the best,