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Hi all,

I have lots of acne on my back and also some on my chest, i have these ugly acnes for > 5 yrs, still cant figure out a way to reduce it, i'm really upset about this as i left scar on my back and it looks freakin ugly when i go swimming or beach.

Can you guys recommend me some ways to reduce the acne or remove the scar cause by the acne? I prefer to use external medicine as i read from this forum that most antibiotic have bad side effects.

I consulted dermatologist twice, they told me this is normal acne, nothing serious, most likely due to hormone or oily skin, c**p :-(

The dermatologist actually recommend me to take acnotin or Minocycline, but i read in the forum that Minocycline has some side effect so would like to avoid that. how about acnotin?

Thanks so much. I really need help here


hi there,
i want to tel u dat its very normal even i hv it on my back...u can use dat drug for a short period cz long term use causes side effects...but i wud suggest u to take herbal treatmnt..try aloevera,keep ur back clean,keep d gland pore open,scrub it frequently...
keep in touch take care..