A few years ago I used an asthma inhaler I was allergic to, after taking it my asthma would get worse and I would take just a little bit of my "asthma attack" one to get rid of it. They found out I was allergic to the regular one and they took me off it, and said my asthma should get better on its own. But now sense I would take my asthma attack one so frequently I am addicted to it, over the years I took it more and more because it was relieving of just even the small asthma problems. So now it is normal for me to take it before bed, when I wake up, and once during the day. I want to stop this but when I try I'm able to tell I'm addicted to it, when I don't take it I get lightheaded, stressed, a headache, and have anxiety attacks. How do I fix this?