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hey..i really need help. ive been cutting for about six months. and it happens almost every night. it's never really deep cuts, but i know i shouldnt cut either way. my mom found out i cut, and she took me to our regular medical doctor to see if i have depression...he asked me a bunch of questions, one being "how often do you cut?" i lied and answered "ive only done it twice". he then told me that what im going through is just a phase and i dont need anti-depressants or further help, but i should talk to my school councelor sometimes. ive talked to the councelor twice, it doesnt help. I've been looking on the internet trying to find ways to stop, and they all say "you need professional help"...but i cant get professional help because when i did, i was told that im fine. so what should i do??


Hi there!

You were told by your doctor that you were fine because he/she was probably looking at it as a "teenage attempt for attention", however, you also lied to your doctor. If you would have told the truth...that you are doing it daily, I am sure he/she would NOT have been so quick to diagnos it as a "teenage phase". That's ridiculous. This is not a are a cutter. Do you have other emotional issues? Do you feel depressed? what about other underlying causes? Do you have a good family life? What about school? Do you have friends? do you feel like life is out of your control?

Tell me a little bit about yourself. I am not a pyschologist, but have minor in psychology and have known a couple of "cutters" who no longer cut themselves. I will try to help, but you do need to go to a therapist or even better - a psychologist...but when you are there, you have to tell them the truth or they can't do anything for you.