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I have had heavy bleeding from the uterus w/ no known cause to the point that I have had blood transfusions. I am scheduled to get tha endometrial ablation done. Since this has all started I have had a feeling like being bloated. My abdominal area protrudes more than usual. Will this go away after the surgery? Thank you!


Adenomyosis are easily mistaken with uterine fibroids even on ultrasound. Also, both conditions can cause excessive bleeding and abdominal bloating. Make sure your doctor made proper diagnosis.

Endometrial ablation is not always a good solution for adenomyoisis. It depends on how deep the uterine lining grows. Endometrial ablation will treat only adenomyosis that go about 1/4 inch into the walls. If adenomyoisis is deeper than that, ablation won’t do much good and you may experience the symptoms all over again.

Has your doctor talked to you about that? S/he should have because you need to know the chances of recurrence and to make a decision if it’s worth going through this procedure.