Hi everyone

I am a 39 year old female who will be having her adnoids and tonsills removed September 22, 2012

I have heard all the horror stories, and I have heard all the not so bad stories, my question is this

How in the world with me being diabetic, and having high blood pressure am I going to be able to drink broth, and eat

popcicles? Gatorade has to much sugar in it, pedialite has sodium in it. I mean I guess Im just going to be in the hospital

As I tried one of those protein shakes and it shot my blood sugar up so fast and far my doctor all most put me on insulin

sorbet, sherberts have to much sugar, and anything with splenda gives me gas so bad I look like Im 7 months pregnant

with twins, not to mention it hurts really bad, go figure throat in pain and having a indefinet meet and great with the porcelin throne.

I bought aloe vera juice, gum, cepacol(mouth spray) a warm mist humidifier, a buck wheat pillow, and I stocked up on frozen peas and carrotts for my neck(laughing) I even got the doctor to make all my medicines liquid for this infamous occasion.

But how in the world can I get calories in if I can not have the things that will give me calories without running my blood sugars up

How in the wold can I eat broths and such without running my blood pressure up?