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I have big gall stones and no trouble that I know of yet. None have passed and the doc says they are so big, they probably won't. I am 58. I do have accute heartburn when I do not take prilosec, or omneprazole. I have to take one daily.

Should I have my gall bladder removed to avoid any problems later and get rid of the heartburn?

I am otherwise healthy, about 20 lbs overweight, no major surgeries. I am trying to get ahead of this before any trouble. Will the constant heartburn go away?

Please help me with these questions.


If the stones are this big, they could get trapped and cause you a lot of pain and problems.

Is the cause of your heartburn gallstones or you have aditional stomach problems?

If the doc suggested removal, I would say go for it although gallbladder removal could cause many side effects too later on.

Browse around the forum for more info on gallbladder removal. Here is one link to help you out: