Although alcoholic beverages may taste better and make us feel less drunk when mixing with energy drinks such as Red Bull, studies done on the topic show just the opposite.
We may only feel less drunk but the study results show these are just false impressons of our real state and that we may be as drunk as if we took straight liquor.
The study involved 26 healthy men who drank Red Bull alone, Red Bull plus vodka, or straight vodka and whose breath alcohol concentration, subjective impressions of intoxication and objective measures of coordination and visual reaction time were measured.
Those men who had their drinks mixed with red bull reported feeling less intoxicated while objective measures showed differently. Motor coordination was decreased and did not match a person’s decreased sense of tiredness and sleepiness.
As energy drinks gave better taste to drinks, participants were more likely to consume more than they would if they drank straight alcohol.
Study participants were divided into groups where one group got drinks containing 0.6g/kg of vodka and other 1.0 g/kg of alcohol. At the end, measurements showed breath alcohol concentrations were higher among men who consumed the 1.0 g/kg drinks and that peak breath alcohol concentrations occurred 30 minutes after ingesting 0.6 g/kg and 60 minutes after consuming 1.0 g/kg drinks no matter whether the alcohol was taken alone or mixed with Red Bull.
The study reveals dangerous of mixing drinks because of the false impressions consumer may have and therefore may be more likely to engage into risky behaviours.