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I am a transgender woman (MtF) who is currently trying to explore sexual pleasure on my own using anal masturbation, but having issues.

In the future, I would love to be able to have sexual intercourse with a man, with myself being penetrated anally. However, so far in my experimentation with anal play and anal penetration with a finger, I have found it an unpleasurable and slightly uncomfortable feeling, and I am struggling to get any sexual pleasure whatsoever from it. In fact, it could be said that it is doing the opposite, and reducing my level of arousal once I begin doing it.

After some research online, I have read about how it is possible to stimulate the prostate internally with a finger, but I have had no luck in even finding it, let alone stimulating it. I have tried flexing the finger upwards (towards my belly) once the finger is inside at different depths, looking for a firmer piece of tissue (prostate) but haven't really felt anything that resembles how a prostate should feel - I can either feel very soft tissue (mainly further in), or firm tissue quite close to the anus opening that must be sphincter muscles or other muscles of some kind. Massaging these areas provided me with no pleasure, neither did moving the finger in and out.

I am also concerned that my medication (a transgender anti-androgen medicine called Finasteride) may have also reduced my ability to feel pleasure anally, as I believe Finasteride can reduce the size of the prostate. I am not sure if this is correct though...

I really want to be able to pleasure myself anally as I feel it could form a big part of future sexual relationships. Therefore, I would be very greatful for your advice on this matter.

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