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About a month ago I starte expirementing with deviant masturbatory practices. I screwed a tightly bound pillow with a plastic bag between it filled with lube, merely because someone told me it felt good on the internet.

About a month ago I started masturbating anally. I fully researched the procedure and know about the location of the prostate and the usage of lube. I've inserted marbles in a bag and digitally stimulated myself with a glove on.

What I am wondering is what else can I do to increase me pleasure? I don't to seam to have the male G-spot effect, so I'm wondering what I can do to increase my pleasure.

Keep in mind, I'm fifteen so I can't/don't want to go out and buy lubricants or sex toys. Basically, I'm looking for household ways to do stuff.

Thanks for your feedback!


Well, some guys get a lot of pleasure from male anal masturbation, both because the anus itself is sensitive and definitely because of the prostate/male g-spot. Having said that, if you're sure you have actually found your prostate and you've tried prostate masturbation and didn't get much of anything out of it, AND you don't want to buy sex toys, you've pretty much done everything you can. 

Please don't go around using veggies and stuff. You mention "household ways", so that springs to mind. Don't put anything unhygienic or dangerous in your anus as you can end up with a really nasty infection. Not really what you want to go to hospital for, is it? :)



Well you guys sure are helpful.


lol! i use hairbrush handles, sharpies (maybe multiple at a time) and i read that tampons are nice but you need a lady in the house for those.
check this out..
LOOOOOOOK around google!


very old post
so ill give you a very long answer at 3am

but for any one else viewing this, i hope marbles is the name of your cat
DONT USE MARBLES - i dont need to explain why

plastic bags are abit iffy and can tear and often have very sharp edges which can cut or irritate

you can use alot for lube, (not soap, alcohol, aftershave) some thick oils often irritate and if your doing more than just self masterbation and intend on using a condom you will have to keep reapplying water based lube. a parent/guardian has hand moisturiser, bung loads of it in and shower/bathe straight after. try it on a side of your anus first to make sure you dont react

as for objects you can even use bottles. dont use medical bottles, deodorant sicks/cans,
cream containers (they have sharp edges and when you first insert them they are quite small and your anus will.... SUCK IT UP :-D then you go to the hospital like this man we had in the other day :S

anyway...use objects that are fairly large like a dildo size that you can firmly grip on and wont break (marbles in a bag = bad here) thus avoid showing everyone in a late night hospital trip,
you can use poles from exercise machines or DIY assembly stuff (again not sharp), those large pen things (nothing wooden or rusting, damaged, decaying etc.), cucumbers (id put a condom around food tbh), a carrot...women use shower heads so if your male and there are females in the house id avoid it unless your married etc.

actually my best advice is somewhere between an entire hand covered in a glove and a finger

a friend once tried one of those fizzy bottles where it starts off bottlehead size and gradually increases, it looks like the sharp edge under the cap might need something put over it that wont stay up your anus

if that still bores you find a human,

if you are straight male you might be able to find a female with a dildo; although this is very unlikely if you go to school and id try to avoid the workplace
also if your young you could consider an experienced gay male and explain to them you are heterosexual just to try it, making sure you dont hurt their feelings ofc and that they wont humiliate you
(google advice first if your new, again if your young consider browsing history/software and cameras by evil parents >.<)
its your body and you can do what you want with it, dye half your hair pink, the other green and walk around in purple paint if it think itll make you feel happy

if your gay or bi stay safe and do whatever

being young means that you are very likely to be sexually frustrated or confused, who cares though, if you dont enjoy anal sex it doesnt mean your not allowed to be gay, anal sex has no effect, nor does porn

i think thats everything...

increasing pleasure you like masterbating. have you tried a masterbation technique website and combining that with anal and masterbating with say a stimulating moisturiser. if your gay, free gay porn is c**p, you have to search for long tube videos, if your straight do the same, porn can be fun. get someone else to masterbate for you

if sexual stimulation just isnt doing it for you, find something else to do like try and learn an instrument or pick a hobby, find another club or something

ok, bored now
add teen/adults to your googling to find advice for teens/kids/adults and
as a rule of thumb for any herbal advice, scientists took the herbal remedies that actually worked and called them medicine, all the rest is an excuse


umm go to and u can get alot of other ways.

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Hi there, you can't post URLs here so can you tell me what you mean by a lot of other ways? What are you trying to show us? Let me know, okay?


Geez, the advice to this poor man so far has been terrible!

LOL I used to stick different objects up my butt but now I use devices that are designed for anal stimulation. One of the most sure-to-work is the Aneros anal stimulator. Google it, and look for vids of guys going into convulsions of pleasure. I recently read about a 98 year old straight man who had been using a butt plug for 55 years. And it's totally believable, because butt plugs were invented by doctors...usually to cure hemorrhoids, but like Viagra, which was really meant to be a heart stimulator turned out to produce great, long-lasting erections. The butt plug may have been intended for one purpose, but the lucky men who were prescribed this treatment soon found out that they got a lot of pleasure from plugs.

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buy a long sweet potatoe, then shape it into a dildo with a knife and peeler. put a condom on it and go to town. toss in garbage or in disposal when done.