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Does antiperspirant cause cancer?


Hello adewey,

I'm not aware that antiperspirant causes cancer.  Most antiperspirants contain aluminum which is supposed to block pores and keep you from getting wet.  Aluminum is know to case brain damage.  A long time ago it was thought to generate Alzheimer's disease.  It can affect memory.  It can damage ion channels in the brain.  I don't know how much aluminum actually gets into the blood stream from the arm pit but I suppose over a long period of time it could be enough to effect the brain.  If your worred about your antiperspirant you can swtich over to natural products that don't contain anything harmful.  I have used them and they didn't work for me.  My problem isn't so much odor but wetness.  The natural products didn't seem to do anything for wetness but were okay for odor