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How's life girls,

tell me, what can you eat if you are following this Michael Thurmond's diet? Does this diet really works, is there any side effects?

I have found some very interesting things that I like. Perhaps, I like this program because I am diabetic, and I think this diet and tips can be very helpful to me. I am more interested in keeping my sugar level down, and as I realized, this diet is just all about this. Do I have a wrong opinion about this diet or...?

I could really use any help right now.

Good night!


You can eat everything :) I am joking, ofc! Only healthy food. You need to eat five to six THE SAME meals every day to get your metabolism going and going.

Here is a very simple plan. Try to follow it.

  • Breakfast – eat three white eggs or turkey breast, half of grapefruit,
  • Noon snack – 100 g of turkey breast and little bit of lettuce,
  • Lunch – 200 g chicken breast, brown rice and vegetables
  • Afternoon snack – fresh tuna and salad,
  • Dinner – 100 g of chicken breast, again brown rice and vegetables,
  • Evening snack – half of grapefruit or berries.

You have to drink a lot of water and you can drink natural fresh grape or berries juice as well.

Is this helpful to you?



OMG, thank you, thank you!

I have this program since 2007 and I love it. I just did not know what to eat every day. I was thinking, I was making a plan, but nothing. So that is it?

Is this your own plan, or you got it from the book or from the internet?

I think I can eat this. I just love eggs, chicken and turkey breast, vegetables... Great! Now I am so happy! This menu is healthy, and being healthy is a lot of work! Do you agree with me?

Amazing long term plan!

One more time, thank you again!