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Hello girls,

I was just wondering if anyone has had success with Lean Cuisine? Anyone lost weight? How many meals on the day are you replacing with Lean Cuisine meals?

I just started replacing my dinner with it, but that is it.  I do that because I really don't have time to cook lunch for me because I am really busy.

Is it healthy to replace just one meal with Lean Cuisine? I started with this two weeks ago and I have lost only 3 kilograms.  

Lean Cuisine meals are easy and they are delicious.

Anyone doing the same thing?

Share your experience.



Hello there,

I think that is totally OK. Frozen meals are good and delicious, but once in a while. I used to eat Lean Cuisine frozen meals and I realize – they are not that healthy. High in sodium, a lot of preservatives and more. But it is a better alternative than white bread, sandwiches, bagels, pizza, pie, etc.

I am also lazy and so Lean Cuisine is a great option for me. You will lose weight for sure, but the better way is to cook your own meals. I do that and I freeze it for later. That is healthy.

Good luck!



Hi guys,

I just LOVE lean cuisine frozen meals. Maybe they are not that healthy, but they taste very good. I have busy social and personal life as well, so this Lean Cuisine frozen meal is a great option for dinner. My husband loves this meal as well. It is easy, delicious and low-fat. I really like the Lean Cuisine pepperoni pizza. I eat Lean Cuisine since 4th of October and I have lost 6 kilograms so far.

I track my calories and I feel good. I exercise three times a week as well.

I hope my successful story will help you!

Good luck!