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Hello there,

is there any other similar diet plan using frozen meals like smart ones lean cuisine? Any alternative that I can try? I was previously on a Lean Cuisine diet. I lost about 10 pounds before I quit this diet and started eating everything and anything.

I really like smart ones lean cuisine meals, but I need and I want to try something new. But, I must say that I am not so worried about the sodium in these meals, because I don't eat them that often.  If you drink a lot of water and green tea, it should be just fine.

Does anyone know of any similar meals?


Hi, what is going on?

I eat these frozen meals as well. I have just find out about some new line of meals by Seil kitchens, but I haven't tried these meals.  I usually have these frozen meals for lunch, about three or four times a week. I don't like these lean cuisine frozen meals, because I think there is not enough vegetables in them. :/

But, I think that we all should cook every day, prepare our meals and put them into a freezer for the next day.  It is much healthier, because you know what you cook, you know all ingredients, and you know what you eat. And that is most important.