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Hi guys,

I have a few questions about Lean Cuisine diet.

Anyone lost weight eating Lean Cuisine or not? What are the rules in this diet or eating plan? What is a point of this diet?

My mother is planning on eating Lean Cuisine for lunch and dinner for a while. So, I really want to encourage her to lose some weight, because I know how this can be hard.

Do you have any advice or tip for me and her?

I've heard that Lean Cuisine meals are so great for people who are dieting. I hope that is true.

Help, please. Thank you!



Based on my sister experience, Lean Cuisine actually does work. She told me that their meals are so delicious, so you can eat it, even if you are not on the diet!

It is true, Lean Cuisine meals are great for those who are on diets and trying to lose weight. The main reason is because when you eat your meals, you know just how many calories you are going to eat.

You can find seven steps online to follow. Lean Cuisine meals are very light and tasty. I think that your mother should avoid frozen meals during this diet, but I am not sure.

Good luck!