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hello i am 34and  5`11 i weigh 298 i have lost 24 pounds in 3mth my weight is moving so slow an i dnt no why i want my weight to move a little faster but i dnt no hw i wrkout 3 times a week and eat small meals throughout the day but i need to get 40 mre pounds off before july  any body out there please helppppppp me with the rest of my weight lost....


To speed up your weight loss, you could try this:

1)  Three meals a day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  
That's it.  No snacks, and no "in between" meals.

2)  Give up sugar.  No sugar in coffee, soda, or on cereal.  
Give up fruit juice -- it's mainly just another form of
sugar.  Water is the only liquid you need.

3)  In the beginning, establish a very rigid diet:  Exactly
the same three meals each day -- the same foods and the
same amounts.  Weigh the portions on a scale.  Consider
frozen dinners.  Healthy Choice, Lean Cuisine, Kashi, and
probably other brands have several that are low in
calories and saturated fat, moderate in salt, and high
in fiber.

4)  Weigh yourself every day.  To adjust the rate of your
weight loss, eliminate items from your diet or reduce the
size of portions.  (If you don't have a scale, I'd recommend
the EatSmart Precision Plus Digital Scale, which is sold on

5)  When you are happy with the rate of your weight loss,
then you can start making adjustments to add variety, but
make sure that you keep losing weight.

6)  Maintain your regular exercise program.

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