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Hi guys,

did anyone hear about Dr Fuhrman diet? I really would like to hear feedback on your experience following his diets?

To be honest, I have tried it, but it didn’t last for me. It is extremely low in fat and, for me, hard to follow, because I really have a social life that implies eating out of my house much. But, I know it is a great diet, because people are focused on healthy, fresh food and ingredients.

Maybe I was doing something wrong, but I honestly don’t believe that this diet fits with my personality.

I would like to hear your opinion about this.




I believe that every single person that follows any diet, knows almost everything about Dr Fuhrman diet.

I don't know why this diet didn't work for you, probably because of your busy social and personal life. But, that should not be an excuse, at all. If you want to follow specific food program, you need to be aware that you need to prepare your food before you leave your home. Food to go!

In any other case, your diet programs are meaningless. No offense.

If you want to lose weight with certain diet, you need to follow it till the end. With no excuse!

Otherwise, you can't expect any result.

Best wishes!



Hi girls,

I also have heard about Dr Fuhrman diet. This guy is actually an expert in the nutritional diets, that improve your health.

If you want some recipe, you should buy his book, where you can find really great advices and tips. I know that cooking sometimes is boring, and we get tired, but you need to cook. Every day and every meal. You can prepare food and you can freeze a couple of servings for dinner. This is one way that will help you to save your time.

Also, you need to be a big fan of fruits and vegetables, because you will have to eat it in almost every meal.

Healthy and delicious.

Try it!