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my dog Kiki is currently having bowel inflammation and her veterinarian gave me meloxicam (Metacam) for her to use for the next 7 days. I know meloxicam is NSAID medication that can cause serious problems in humans, mainly related to stomach bleeding and ulcers and even though, as my vet explained, my dog is on lower dose than humans usually take, I’m worried that this medication might cause problems to my dog. Is it possible though that even the lower dose of meloxicam cause stomach bleeding in dogs?



not all people who take NSAIDs or Meloxicam experience the side effects - the chances for the more serious side effects to happen rise the longer a person or an animal has to take these medications. There are some measures that can prevent event milder side effects from happening - for example, taking meloxicam with food so that stomach lining is protected.

For how long does your dog needs to take Meloxicam?

Hope Kiki gets better soon!