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Hey everyone.


Lately I can see that my vet’s office is full of dogs who have bleeding paws.

I don’t know is this so common case in every dog, but I can see that a lot of pet owners are fighting against it.

I know some of causes, but I want to know all of them :)

Just to be sure and just because of the prevention.

Can you tell me what are the causes of bleeding paw in dogs?


Maybe if I know this in the future I will know how to prevent it. For my dog :)

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You are totally right. I can see this picture when I am taking my cat to the vet. Office is full of dogs who have bleeding paws. One of my acquaintance told me that the most common cause is a broken nail. She told me that her dog Ava literally cracked her paw. It was very painful process.

Dog’s paw undergo a lot of wear and tear. There are a lot of subjects that can lead to this condition, such as broken glass to some nail and twig. Every paw injury, even minor ones, can result in a lot of bleeding.



Good day friends.

I believe that lately this is very common in dogs. My dog had injured paw and I was scared.

But it was nothing serious.


It was a simple bug bite.

But I reacted quickly because I didn’t know is this something that I can deal with alone.

I took my dog to the vet immediately and he cleaned his paw. It was a little bit swollen but it was better in a few days.


There are numerous of causes for bleeding paw in dogs such as:

  • Foreign objects,
  • Crack duet to extremely cold or even dry weather,
  • Burn injuries such as walking on the hot surface,
  • Cuts by a sharp objects such as broken glass maybe,
  • Broken toes,
  • Insect bites,
  • Stings.


Hello. My dog injured his paw a few months ago because he was running on the hot asphalt. He was playing and I think that he didn’t notice this. When we came back home I saw that his paw is swollen and that his paw is actually bleeding. So I cleaned it with warm water because this is still the best way to clean the wound and to prevent infection. Of course I took him to the vet, just to be sure. Other causes are definitely broken nail, stings or bug bites and of course broken glass. Those are the most common causes.