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Please help

My first born baby cannot defecate for 8 or 10 days on end.
Same has been case for two months. Whats wrong and what can we do to help


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If your baby hasnt passed any stools for 8/10 days, he need to see a doctor straight away.
If this is the case he will be in alot of pain.
Constipation is very painful.
Please get medical advice.

For a baby only 4 months old i wouldnt like to give any advice on what to do. He is to young.


My child is one year old now and he also had problems defecating at that early age. They told us that it was normal - up to 10 days.

We were very worried, I was making him chamomile teas and also used cumin (in a tea) but I am not sure any of these things helped.

The problem eventually went away but he did suffer from baby colic at the time. Those were the crazy nights o.O

He went 5 days tops without a bowel movement but I would also see a doc if it were over 8 days.


I have a 4 month old boy and I had the same problem when he was 3 months old. His doc said he was irregular not constipated. I nurse him and he would go poop every 8-10 days. But when he did go it was a liquidy goopy mess! She said as long as it is a lot and it's not hard then he was fine. I'm not a doctor but if the problem doesn't change once you start feeding the baby solids then there could be a problem. Always talk to your baby's doc! Now that he started fruit puree he's regular! 8)