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On December 20, 2006 I had bariatric bypass. On December 24, 2006 I could hardly breathe, move. Felt like I was in cardiac. My chest tightened. I was ambulanced back to SLC LDS hospital. The first hospital I went to actually dehydrated me so they waited to the following day to operate to "Find out" what was wrong. It was my gull bladder.

They took it out on December 25, 2006 and I still have the drainage tube in until hopefully tomorrow. My RIGHT side from just below my armpit down around and under my rib cage and a bit to the back in kidney area is in so much pain. Like I have a huge stabbing in my side. what could this be? I am in pain and am at a loss.


Before I answer I'm going to tell you about myself.

I'm 25, married and live in San Diego, My whole family has had trouble with being fat. So after failing with all diets i had no choice but to get the gastric bypass. I scheduled the bypass 1 month b4 my son was born, I wanted to be all healed up and help my wife with my son. I had my surgery on 10/16/06, my son was due 11/14/06. But being just like his dad he was born 1 month early (10/14/06). My gastric bypass was two days later. I cant believe my wife, she took care of me and the baby at the same time. In my (you need this) recliner i sat and cried sometimes because i knew that it was really hard for her to do Everything all the time. She would breastfeed and then help me go to the bathroom and change my dressings. My catheter which was sticking out of my rib cage Smelled BAD!!! and made me vomit occasionally. Soon after i could walk and eat something other that sugar free jello. that's when the pain started in my lower back at the sides. The pain started and would not go away for hours. About 2 days later i started to pee blood with small black thing in the pee. The doctors said this would of happened even if the GB did not happen, Its a Kidney stone and it will pass. 4 days later (while still pissing dark red blood) i passed what i thought to be a kidney stone. and soon after the pain and blood stopped. now I'm able to eat buffalo chicken wings and drink soda. I stopped drinking water... BIG NO NO!!! my pain and blood are back just like before. I now know this was not a stone problem :-(

This may help in stopping the pain and if you get it, the blood.

-DRINK WATER!!! buy a water bottle and keep filling it up
-Get water delivered to your house (in the 5 gallon kind).
-Never have an empty bottle of water.
-Drink till you feel the water rise into the bottom of your throat. Do that every 5 min.
-Do not eat citrus!!!
-Get a Lazy-boy (trust me on that).
-Eat sugar free ice pops (there good and taste like the real deal).
-(I hated doing this) Start walking as soon as you feel up to it. I started skateboarding again :-)
-If your an Internet junky like me get a laptop.
-***Go to the support meetings, I didnt and it ruined me( I'll tell you in a lil later).***
-Stay in the Shower as long as you need to, the running water scratches your back and the scared area for you ;-).
-Use baby wipes, there good for getting all that you might miss.

As for the Support meetings trust me on that. You are about to hit mental rock bottom and the only people that will know how you feel are these people at these meetings. Trust me its going to get HARD!!! because you cant eat those foods that caused you to be in a state of holly Bliss. Those foods will now cause you physical PAIN. and that really hits you hard... trust me i know. It hit me so hard that even though i had a baby i Quit my Nice paying job, because no one knew how i felt and did not show any sympathy for me or my family. I simply walked away for a $60,000 a year job. I'm paying for it now and Wish i could go back and stop myself.

I'm all better now, my sons super and I lost 80lbs. I had the pleasure of having Dr. Alan C. Wittgrove operate on me, if you know gastric bypasses then you know that hes #1 He is the first person to ever to the surgery laproscopicly. And i feel Great!!!

If you ever want to swap emails or message each other please Private message me or you can reach me at my profile is all batmaned out because i named my son Bruce Wayne ;-)

I hope you get better and to hear from you soon. :-)