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I had gastric by pass 2006 .. Dec 2012 155 .. Problems .. Pre-OP @ 120 change .. Surgery Jan 14 2014 .. 114.00 .. dropping @ 1.5 a day .. weighing after eating all day at night???


So you had the gastric bypass done in 2006; then you had gallbladder surgery this month and you are losing pound and a half a day since pre-op?  What have you been eating and drinking?  You should be able to level out and gain some of the weight back as you heal from the surgery and eat regularly again.  Your body will be able to convert the fat in the food so that your body can use it for energy stores.  You probably wasn't absorbing the fat from foods when your gallbladder wasn't able to work properly.  If you continue to lose weight after 2 weeks, you should let your doctor know.