Hi All,

My Mirena was "installed" a week ago. The procedure was NOT comfortable, a bit painful in fact, but nothing compared to natural child birth, so nothing that my cervix hasn't had to deal with before.

I went into this expecting the worst. I heard IUD horror stories from friends, and read about bad Mirena experiences online. My thinking is that if this happenes to me, I can just have it removed.

So far, everything seems OK. I haven't have any cramping yet. My period started a couple of days ago, and is quite heavy now, but will hopefully end in a day or two.

I am currently 35 pounds over my pre-baby weight. Two weeks ago I bought a job stroller and running shoes and have been walking / jogging a few miles a day. I am still breastfeeding the baby, so I don't expect major weight changes yet, but once I turn off the milk machine, and up to the point where my stamina will allow me to really start running again, I expect these 35 pound to quickly go away. If they don't, the Mirena will be the prime suspect (never mind the brownies and Doritos folks, keep walking, nothing to see here....), and the Mirena is coming out. (I was on Depo-provera for a few years and slowly, but steadily, gained weight then, so it wouldn't totally surprise me if the horomone in the Mirena may affect me the same way. My doctor did tell me that the low horomone amount in the Mirena shouldn't be able to do this, but clearly several of you would strongly disagree with that.) We'll see what happens there.

As for the sex drive, I have found myself thinking about sex this last week, so I think I am OK for now. I didn't get to actually have sex, but Mirena is not to blame for that.

The biggest complait that I have, as of today, is that I can feel the Mirena. It often feels like I have a small tampon there that is about to come out. When I feel around with my finger I can feel the Mirena strings lower than I would like. I can shove them upwards towards my cervix, but they always work their way down again. I am hoping that this problem can be fixed by shortening the strings. Tonight, after the kids go to bed, I plan on taking a pair of kitchen scissors, inserting them, as carefully as I can, inside and see if I can fix this on my own. Just kidding, I will call my doctor tomorrow, she if she is familiar with this problem and see what the options are.

For the guy whose wife is worried about the pain of pulling out the Mirena... Dude, Dudette, it has to come out eventually, this is not a permenant solution. If it isn't working for you now, and you don't expect for it to work for you soon, pull it out! Removing it now isn't going to hurt any more, or any less, than removing it later.

So, so good so far. I will try to get back here to update this if anything changes.