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If you’ve got a big event just around the corner, are eager to boost your weight loss, or feel that you’ve hit a wall in your quest for a leaner, slimmer body, then you might benefit from a few neat little tricks designed to help you drop a few pounds.
Weight loss can be a frustrating process. Just when you feel that everything is going well – you’re looking better, your clothes are looser, and the scale reading keeps going down, it all suddenly stops. This leaves you asking yourself what the issue is, and wondering how you can get round it, and back on track. In this instance, trying just a few simple, but safe methods of losing a few pounds in a week could be the ideal solution to getting your progress rolling again.

So if you’re just looking for an easy way to get in shape, these tips probably aren’t ideal. If, however, you do just need that small extra boost, or last minute bit of progress, then these are all well worth a go. To begin with, you might wish to just utilize one trick at a time, to see how your body reacts to it, and remember, you should always check with your Doctor before introducing any radical diet changes, and revert back to your normal diet immediately if you feel unwell at any time.

You also need to be aware of what not to do, as there are many quick weight loss tips floating around the Internet and magazines which either don’t work, or are extremely unsafe.

The above trick given for dropping water weight is safe if followed correctly. The high days’ intake is not so high that it will cause you to feel unwell, but just high enough to start the “flushing” process. The low days are not so low that you’ll dehydrate, but they will enable you to drop a bit more, and look much tighter and leaner. Don’t fall into the trap of overdoing it though, as dehydration can be very serious. Dehydration can occur in both stages here. Drinking too much can cause you to lose electrolytes, and essential minerals and salts from your body, and not drinking enough can lead to nausea, fatigue and decreased performance. Stick rigidly to the above guidelines, and cease the method at any point you feel unwell.

You also need to make sure you don’t starve yourself. Cutting carbs in the form of starches, fruits, sugars and junk food is a great way to lose a few pounds very quickly. However, you still need to eat. This is why a higher protein intake is important – you should be eating a serving of protein at every meal when carbs are lower. Also, don’t be tempted to drop fats from your diet. If you drop carbs and fats, your energy levels will plummet, so keep a small amount of fats in at every meal, in the form of nuts, nut butters, avocado, olive oil or oily fish. Load up on dark green vegetables too.

When you’ve achieved your desired quick weight loss drop, and your event is over, transition gradually back into your normal, healthy diet, so as not to shock your body. Just add in a few extra carbs every day, and go back to your normal water intake, to avoid any unwanted fat gain.

Try these three tips, and see how they work for you. When followed correctly, they can all give great results. Be sensible and safe with them, and get ready to see real progress in a short space of time.