Hi All,

The advantages of having private health insurance over relying on Medicare and the public hospital system are:

1)Your choice of doctor.
2)Shorter waiting time for elective surgery.
3)Being able to be treated in a private ward.
4)Luxuries like a TV or phone (you can also pay extra and get these in a public hospital).

Some funds also offer you cover as a 'private patient in a public hospital'. This means you can choose your own doctor but otherwise the treatment you receive is the same as if you were a public patient.

Who Benefits Most From Private Health Insurance?
Certain types of people may benefit more from private health cover than others. Factors to consider are:

1)Age - the older we get the greater the likelihood of things going wrong.

2)Starting a family - you never know what's around the corner with young children.

3)Sports - regular sports participation, especially body-contact sports, increase the risk of injury.

4)Hi-risk activity - bungee jumpers and rock climbers might feel more comfortable with private cover. However, you will get accident and emergency treatment when you need it in the public health system.

5)Poor health - those generally unhealthy or predisposed to illness should consider private cover. But beware of waiting periods for treatment and disclosure requirements applying to pre-existing conditions.