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just wondering if anyone knew any real good bicep and forearm exercises... i dont know any good ones...


Hi! There is one exercise that works best for biceps and forearms at the same time and a bunch of other exercises, which are actually just a variation of the first one.

Do you go to a gym or work on your own? Do you have any weights at home?

I go to a gym, so I use their equipment.

Anyway, the exercise consists of a barbell and the weights on it. Now, don’t put too much weight at the beginning, so you wouldn’t hurt yourself.

You stand with the feet shoulder apart and take the barbell with an underhand grip. The starting position would be a hanging barbell in front of you at arms length. Ellbows should be close to the body all the time.
You do the exercise by moving only forearm and lifting the barbell by using the biceps to lift the barbell to the shoulder level. You stay in the position for a few moments to tighten the biceps and then slowly put the barber down.

Then you repeat it. You can do the same exercise with dumbbells.

I hope you find this helpful!