Him my name is Corey and about 7 months ago I've been dating the love of my life. The problem is she's bipolar. I've read other dating bipolar women testimonies and I have some similar events in my relationship as everyone else but I also have some differences. My bipolar woman has cheated twice now, the first time we had only been together a week so we both made that the excuse and the fact that I didn't give her sex for about 2 weeks when she wanted it badly so an ex of hers came around and she took him and his daughter to a hotel which was supposed to be just a pick up and drop off type thing but she said he made advances and it just happened. So its like I've heard before bipolar women can't resist the sexual advances of others and will make excuses like because I didn't have sex with her its my fault she cheated and that we had only been together a week so it doesn't count. She was guilty though and didn't want to face me however I'm the type to forcefully confront people so I went to the hotel that morning and yelled until she came out she was embarrassed that she cheated and ashamed but like I said she made those excuses and use me not giving her sex the reason why she did it. Making it my fault. The second time was with her baby's father this is recent maybe a week ago, she had just got off from work at 12 at night she text me she made it to home and made a basic conversation however I went to sleep on her texts so later I get a knock on my window at 4am and its her so I go outside get in her car and she's has a weird look on her face I try to kiss her she says no and pushes me away not the kind of no like I don't want you to touch but the kind of no like you shouldn't want to touch me right now type no. I said to her what's wrong because she had a sad look on her face but she didn't say anything she eventually after I pressed the issue said its bad its bad I did something bad and your going to be mad at me and even eventually said its good for me, she later told me she went to her baby's father house and had sex with him but tried to manipulate my mind by saying its good thing because now she knows she doesn't want him and that sex with me is so so much better. This second time around I didn't cry I didn't act like a fool what I did was I simply just didn't say anything for a while and when I finally did talk I wasn't mad nor did I look her in her eyes so she was confused and didn't know how to handle the way I was acting even though I told her I still loved her and wanted her. The next morning I acted the same way and she burst into tears, I guess me giving her less attention for the cheating act made her more ashamed. She later said it was my fault but I didn't dwell on it to ask for details about what she meant. Now she does have the high energy moments and the lows low of depression and has high sex cravings to not not wanting sex at all for days or weeks at a time but unlike the other stories I here my bipolar woman without every thinking or knowing she was bipolar until recently despite that has always told me not to be with her that something is wrong with her and that I can find someone better. I have become an enabler and I walk on eggshells now and to avoid conflict despite knowing what is right for her and wrong for her to do I allow her to do whatever she wants just to make her happy. Outside of cheating the other things aren't so bad because I have set boundaries and its kind of an excuse the first time cheating due to us only being together about a week long but I can see the manipulation from both times so I'm not blind I'm just madly mesmerized and enamored by her I'm deeply in love with her the first time I saw her within the next couple of days we told each other we love one another and even both cried saying out of excitement that we've found our soulmates. Might I add I'm 24 and she's 23 and she's my first when it comes to sex.... Does anyone think we have a chance to make it???