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I was bit and scratched on the back of my hand four weeks ago by a stray I tried to rescue. It hurt like hell and by morning was swollen, achy and red. I could hardly move my fingers. I went to urgent care and got a tetanus shot and a cycle of antibiotics. They also took an x-ray to see in the bone had been damaged. It got better, but took the whole seven days for the swelling to go down. My fingers still ache and my hand is still a little stiff. Add to that, I have what looks like a boil or raised bump at the worst bite site. It is red, swollen, itchy, and looks like it has a blister on top. Will this go away, or should I be worried?


Hi Anita,

Go back to your doctor.  To still have symptoms you describe 4 weeks after the event indicates the infection is likely still present.