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I had my tonsils out last Monday (20th Sept) and was allowed home the same day. My Uvula was fairly swolen but this went down by the next day (Tuesday). I kept on a combination of Co-Codamol, Ibuprofen and Antibiotics as well as a mouth gargle. On day 5 the pain started getting worse and I was waking up every 2 hours and had to take more drugs to get back to sleep. It felt like I was chewing glass and it was cutting my throat on the way down!!. I pushed through the pain but decided to book a doctors appt on the following Monday (27th). He referred me back to the hospital who confirmed I had a blood clot on the left hand side and they wanted to 'cauterise' it.

Anyway, they stuck me on an IV, injected lots of drugs including something which was meant to reduce the blood clot. They observered me for a few hours and the clot reduced in size slightly so they decided not to cauterise it. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I was discharged the next day after being able to eat something solid (this was the first solid thing I had eaten since the 20th!!). The first nite back at home wasn't too bad, I woke up once in pain but managed to get back to sleep without drugs.


Its now two days since being discharged and last nite was extremely painful, waking up every two hours again and needing ibuprofen!!. My mouth hurts this morning and the clot doesnt feel like its gone down anymore since they discharged me so im not even sure if it will go down on its own!!

I really have no idea what to do, how long do I wait to see if the clot does go down on its own...a few days, a week...two weeks!?!?!

I can barely sleep (upright only), I have to chew food so its liquid before I can eat it properly. The food goes down ok solid but as soon as it hits the blood clot, it starts to sting soo bad that I lose my appitite.

Apologies for the spelling

I was meant to be back at work on Monday but thats not looking likely!!

So to sum up, its been 10 days since the operation, I have a blood clot where the left tonsil used to be, I can barely sleep or eat and im still taking 30 tablets a day!!!

Can anyone relate?


you need to get to the doctors and get that clot out and the vein cauterized ASAP. when this happened to me the first time i did not get the vein (or whatever was causing all of the blood and clots) cauterized and a couple of days later things got 20x worse and there was blood all over the place and i had to go to the hospital and there was blood everywhere.

it has been 2 years since my surgery and i am now having to go back with pains in my throat where the clot was (so i am guessing there is something wrong with the vein)
please go to the doctor for anything wrong with it!!! it was an awful awful experience and i am hoping not to go through it again


yes yes i can relate!! i am the previous answer...

ok.. you NEED to get it cauterized.. before my throat surgery i had a phobia of doctors touching my mouth, so i was freaking out during the 1st emergency surgery (and because all of the blood...) and since i could not calm down he did not cauterize it. go back, and get it done. they don't know what the heck they are talking about sometimes man... seriously, we are the 1 in 99 people that have to go through this :-( i remember before hand the doctor chuckled when i asked if it would happen, and it did!! and i am grown... haha!

after the 1st emergency surgery after my tonsillectomy the doctor told me to eat solid food to push down any clots that do form, what a MISTAKE that was, it made it worse
i don't want to sound like that crazy person on the internet, but before i got my surgery i extensively searched it for things like this and didn't get much but a few people that i read talking 'crazy' like i am


My blood clot just burst on day 10 and I thought I was going to bleed to death. I will see the specialist in an hour and post an update. I hope there are no complications down the road