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Been sick since 1 week before week later went to the doctors with severe sore throat, tiredness conjunctivitis inb right eye and a rash that looked like m0squito bitees on left buttock(3 spots) and went up left hip and into armpit.about 15 different lesions.Doctor gave me diagnosis of shiongles sinus infection and conjunctivis.3 med cephalosporin,acyclovir and tobradex drops now about a month later form onset i9am starting over suffy noe,red eye and sever pain in leftside n=mid back radiating to front chest also sever discomfort in soft tissue of neck .Doctor said she thinks it is only pulled muscle in neck and back please help??


Hey there

Do you think that your doctor is wrong or you maybe experience some other symptoms which don’t have anything to do with the diagnosis he has settled?

Your neck pain, in my opinion, isn’t related with the stuffy nose and red eyes and maybe you have pulled your muscle during some physical activity. It is easy to hurt this muscle when it is cold outside and you are trying to lift something heavy. It has happened to me few times when I was going to the gym. I start to work out without good warming and as a consequence few times I have pulled neck muscle. This will pass on its own so you just need to be more careful next time.