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For the past couple of nights I've had quite bad indigestion and I just put that down to eating too much food cause it's Christmas. But I went to the toilet earlier and when I wiped my arse there was blood. I then went to go for a wee a bit later and I farted and blood came out. I'm only 17 and really worried. Please help


Are you sure it is blood?  Sometimes foods we eat can cause stool to look like blood, such as tomatoes or beets.  Can you think of what you ate that might have had a deep red tone to it?  Another possibility is hemorrhoids... these will cause you to bleed rectally and the blood will be bright red.  Was the bloody discharge mucousy as well?  This could indicate some irritation in your colon.  If you rule out food as a possible culprit, you should see a doctor.  Your doctor will know if you have hemorrhoids by checking your rectum.  If he doesn't see or feel anything, you may need to have a colonoscopy. 

Who has had an experience with 'bloody' stool?  What was your diagnosis?