Hi everyone, I am Robert. In the past year, I found several times bright red blood stripe the one side surface of my stool. I went to see a doctor for this. The doctor did sigmoidoscopy and found nothing. As bleeding continued (not so often, about two to three continuous days per month), I went to see doctor again. This time he gave a anoscopy and found hemorrhoids.     

However, recently I noticed that there are usually some small, thin, hard, star-like stool, which constituted the front end of a big stool. It is very hard to describe the shape of the star-like stool. It looks like they formed when the stool pass through a narrow and star-shaped tube. Please see the link below for pictures. (if you are sensitive to stool pictures, please do not click the links!)

Big stool which came out first during bowel movement    


many small star-like stool which constitute the front end of big stool     http://i65.tinypic.com/2m5aqls.jpg     

one of the star-like stool     


My question is: Are these small star-like stool normal or do they resulted from a serious condition like colon cancer? Thanks so much!