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Alright I am a male 18 years old and the other day when I went to the bathroom it didn't hurt but when I wiped there was a lot of blood on the paper and some in the toilet. This has only happened once. My diet has been the same as always and I haven't done anything straining in a long time. I kinda freaked out when it happened. What should I do? The blood wasn't dark it was a crimson red. I doubt its a hemroid because I haven't done anything straining.


Well, does your bowel movements hurt? If it does, it can be an anal fissure.

If it doesn't hurt, it may be internal hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids can develop even without straining, especially if you have the habit of prolonged sitting. It can also be ulcerative colitis, or even cancer in the early stages, thus you should get your diagnosed properly soon.