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ok im 19 and lately iv noticed that i have a blue lump on my left nut! which is fairly big,ive had it there for about 6 years i reckon,probably that's why its grown (to afraid to ask) but it aint hard when i touch it's more like squeezing jelly in your hand,doesn't hurt that much if i don't squeeze it hard. its not shaped,its more planted around half of the ball for the left one instead of being huge like a gold ball.and on the left nut,but its like long jelly strings?
maybe its build up of sperm? epidydimal cyst? cyst?

btw what does ball cancer look like,blue ( i hope not)
and if its cyst, what do u recommend! can i leave it there for life? with out getting balls chopped off :-(



Their natural color is blue....maybe you are color blind