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for as long as I can rememebr I have gotten red bumps down there. sometimes more, sometimes less. I didn't really know what ingrown hairs were until a year ago, and I realized that was primarily my issue. I understand what they are and why we get them, but sometimes it seems like its out of control. Im talking like 10 ingrown hairs at a time. I don't understand why I get so many, I've ben getting waxed and trying to exfoliate every time I'm in the shower. Exfoliating really just seems to irritate them! When i look down there's literally red bunos every where. they dont do down low though just on the top part or off in the bikini line. I think I also get a lot of irritation bumps because I wear tight work out clothing a lot, and I teach swim lessons so I'm in a swim suit a lot. Does anyone have advice with all these bumps I get? I hate having so many bumps.


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Hi guest. Is it just after waxing that you get them or does it happen if you shave to? Try looking up Folliculitis on this site as well as Google and also have a read of the link I have pasted as well. 

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