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I am 15 and gots a prob. I take a shower like twice a day but i get the feeling that i smell bad. I use bod (maybe thats the problem, i dought it) and i still feel like i do o.O . I also take chlorophyll, it should help. I hinted to my mom but she says dont but then at school i feel like im gettin hints that I do and sometimes there strait out. In only 3 hours after a shower i go back to the way smelled before, this is making me angry. I dont have a medical condition and i use deoderant............any help


Parents are not always the right crowd as they can’t be objective about their children. I suppose that your bad odor smells like bad odor from sweating or….do you think it could be your skin that has different odor. Some people have such skin problems that are not related to sweating.

Anyway, maybe you should sit down and have an honest talk to your parents. You didn’t say if you were a boy or a girl, overweight, etc
By talking to your parents you may persuade them to see a doctor and do some testing to see if there’s an underlying problem or not.

People who are stressed a lot, who worry a lot often sweat more easily and smell badly, more than other people. I had a friend who had hormonal disorder and she was smelling real bad on sweat although I knew she was very hygienic, she also had excessive hair growth and irregular periods, so if you are a girl, you may want to check your sexual hormones.

Since you can’t figure a way to reduce the problem on your own, I think you should seek help.