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I have a very big and painful boil on my lower back. The boil has been there for a few weeks now, and the pain is exacerbated by the fact that the boil rubs on my pants as I walk. It is clear to me that I need to cure it as soon as possible. I was thinking that I could rub some herbs on my boil to shrink it. What herbs are good for boils? How do I apply them?



one good thing to use is the lavender essential oil. lavender is a natural healer, brings boils down and reduces scarring.

it's been a few weeks, i'm guessing you're not considering getting it drained by a doctor :/ my guess is that would be excrutiatingly painful. i get a lot of boils too so i just apply my lavender essential oil and it goes down (sometimes just bursts too, which is good as well, gets rid of the rubbish in there).

if it's really red and you can actually feel it's 'heat', a cold pack can help alleviate the pain too, and bring down the swelling. :-)